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You love Data, right?

No matter if you have 20+ years as a Data Analysts or you are going fresh out of the college – this fall you will meet 200+ Data Enthusiasts and together you will dive deep into the ocean of Data for 48 hours!

Face real-world challenges
Solve practical business challenges in the areas of IoT, Retail, FinTech, AI and more. Check the previous cases here
Leading experts mentoring and Network

You get to work in a diverse team and receive mentoring from some of the best experts in IoT, Retail, FinTech, AI and other.

Be a part of the community and have fun
Be a part of a strong and focused only on data science community that strives to grow our expertise together starting now. Have fun at this gathering of like-minded people: connect, explore and grow as experts together.

The Cases

The participants will be facing real-world challenges of the companies by performing temporal, spatial and predictive analysis. They will work with high volumes of sensors data collected within various devices and the goal will be to create machine learning models for quick processing of billions of distinct IoT data records. The teams could enrich the data for every case during the Datathon.

The participants will apply their knowledge in financial time-series analytics working with high volumes of data on real-world cases such as credit risk evaluation, high-frequency trading, fraud detection and prevention processes. The goal is to develop a machine learning model for prediction of the markets and to create autonomous A.I. decision-maker for trading/investing.


The cases will challenge the participants to implement their knowledge about recommender systems and real-time segmentation with business cases such as product recommendations, assortment optimization, personalized marketing and pricing. The case integrates working with transactional basket-level data and long-term historical sales data.


Predictive Analytics case

The task is to make a prediction of the future amount of communication fails through time-series analysis.

More info


Predictive Analytics case

The task is to predict air pollution within a 24-hour period

More info


IoT case

The task is to predict machine components failure in order to apply predictive maintenance to robot forklifts using historical data.

More info


Classification case

The task is to develop a classification model that can be used on any source to enrich the originally available data with industry sector information.

More info

National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria

Retail case

The task is to develop a prediction model for assessing household expenditure.

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Have a Data Solution to your problem & Explore how the international teams are developing their ML algorithms! 


Be a Datathon Mentor – get to know and coach Data Scientists from all around the world!

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Datathon Local Hosts

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The Sponsors

All times are in UTC time zone (±00:00)

The Schedule

All times are in UTC time zone (± 00:00); If you participate from India or Bulgaria, please check the hosts' info above for local schedules

Pre-event week

  1. Registration on the DDS website - mandatory for all participants
  2. Deadline for filling in your profiles
  3. Get to know the cases and the DSS platform
  4. Chat with the Industry Experts
  5. End registration for matchmaking process
  6. Chat with Mentors
  7. Get to know other participants & Pre-event team forming

The Coding continues on 29th Sept!

  1. Expect local fun sessions during the day!
  2. Deep Data Learning and Hard Working
  3. Cases Q&A by Industry Experts
  4. Each team to upload their video on Twitter and Facebook with #Datathon and #GlobalDatathon2018
  5. Deadline to upload a working version of your article [to qualify for the competition]
  6. Semi-Finals Groups Announcement

Ready, Set, Go on 28th Sept!

  1. Official Opening
  2. It's Quest time!
  3. Team article Deadline
  4. Local Fun Sessions

It's Show Time on 30th September

  1. The Work continues!
  2. Deadline to upload a final version of your article
  3. Presentations preparation & Semi-Finals Groups Review
  4. Finalists Announcements
  5. Online Presentations by the Finalists via Hangout
  6. Local Fun Session & Finalists Jury
  7. Winners announcement
  8. Local Data.Celebration Party

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Nishant Chandra Data Science Lead @ AIG Science R&D group, India

What intrigued me the most was that there were some teams which were formed by the organizers (meaning there was no prior dynamics between the team members) and also that some members were remote but they were able to perform very good.

Ana Popova Student @ Sofia University

I liked the most the way in which the Datathon brought people together and provided an excellent game-like learning environment. It was a pleasure to be part of such an amazing event, and I look forward to the next Datathon!

Liad Magen Senior Agile Software Engineer @ Nuance Communications, Austria

It was a very enjoyable weekend, and an honor to participate with you. I learned a great deal. Thank you!

Global Datathon Experience

Be among the First to join the Second Worldwide Online #GlobalDatathon!



What is Datathon?

The Datathon is a weekend-long online competition where you are challenged to work on a real-world business case from different areas of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.

You and your team have 48 hours to come up with a solution to a real business challenge based on the provided datasets. The jury and the society will award the most precise, but also creative solutions.

The Datathon is entirely held online and opened to the global community via our platform. Anyone who wants to join us in Sofia, Vienna, Zagreb or in Bangalore is welcome.

  • Reserve your spot via our Platform
  • Register on the website and fill in your profile before Sept 24th
  • Review the Datathon cases
  • Use the platform to proactively form your team
  • Grand opening start working with your team
  • Work with mentors
  • Upload your results on the DSS platform for a review
  • Awards and feedback

Yes. It is not mandatory to have a team formed in order to participate. You will have a chance to form a team virtually up until the start of the Datathon.

However, we advise you to register on the Datathon as soon as possible in order to review the cases and start communicating with other participants in order to form your team.

If you already have obtained a ticket via our platform, you have already registered on the Datathon platform. Please start browsing the cases and other registered participants. You will be able to form a team with ease once you have chosen a case to work on.

We suggest the following workflow to choose a case:

Review all the provided cases

Look for a case that will challenge and excite you

Form or join a team that you will have fun with

Your team’s solutions will be evaluated according to several criteria - statistical indicators, resourcefulness of the solution and creativity of visualization.

You can use the output data and other information provided to you in regard to solving the chosen case only during the duration of the event. You must not use those for personal or commercial purposes outside the event format and activities. With the registration for the Datathon, you agree to also provide your work (analysis, methodology, source code, etc) to the organizers for them to publish on the event page.

After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an email with instructions on where and how to register on the Datathon website and start forming your team. Please read the Datathon Platform Guidelines.

You will submit your work as an article when the 48 hours of the challenge are over. After an evaluation, a list of finalists will be selected. The selected teams will present their cases via Hangouts.

If you already have obtained a ticket via our platform, you have already registered on the Datathon platform. Please start browsing the cases and other registered participants. You will be able to form a team with ease once you have chosen a case to work on. You will be able to form a team with ease once you have chosen a case to work on.
We also advise you to take a look at the profiles of other participants and start using the chat room(s) for the case(s) that you find interesting. This is a good way to find other experts that would like to work on the same case.

The registrations will end on September 24th, 2018.

Registration on the Datathon website will not be closed, so you can register to participate throughout the even or join later to review what other participants have achieved.

General Terms of Participation

With your registration, you accept the following conditions: