Datathon Host Guidelines


Rules Background

Specific rules for hosts

Each local group has general guidelines from Data Science Society to manage the Datathon to fit their local situation and needs. There are few guidelines in place for the organizers and the participants; if you want your local Datathon to be part of the Global event, you are encouraged to follow these. Besides these guidelines, we hope that the local Datathoners will follow our recommendations so that we share a common experience and everyone can learn and gain knowledge together in a friendly and fun environment.

Guidelines for organizers


* You can download the picture and check your progress occasionally. In the meantime – Hakuna Matata 😉

To add your local Data Science community to the official global Datathon map, you will need to agree to the following set of rules regarding:

Event Management

  • Be open

The Datathon must be open to everyone with the desire to learn in the field of Data Science  – be it math geeks, data gurus, and enthusiasts, students and beginners or anyone interested in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics or an area of the Data Science domain. It must also be open to the press. Note that “being open” also means that local Datathons can not focus on the work only on some of the cases, sponsored somehow by the local companies providing cases.

  • Registration and communications with your participants.

All of the registrations should be made within the Data Science Society website platform. When the registration closes and prior to the deadline all participants of the local community should be registered on the DSS platform to have access to Datathon functionalities. Each host location will have an approximate limit of participants so we can balance the numbers of the participants with mentors and experts. Along with that, the hosts will have separate channels in Data.Chat dedicated to the communication at the venue and all participants registered at this location, the chat can be used for local announcements as well.

  • Tickets

We believe in the causes of the Datathons and that’s why it is an event that is intended to be open to more people.

All participants should register at the Data Science Society event webpage to have access to the Datathon functionalities. However, the local community has full freedom with the local organization – they set their local event management process.

  • How to create a good experience for the participants

Keep in mind that for us is important every local hub create a good experience for their participants, so it is supposed to think of some fun activities and recommended to have a basic supply of food like croissants/pizzas, water, and coffee during the weekend.

  • Be part of the organiser’s community

At least one organizer (more is better) from each location must take part in all correspondence with the global organizers, participate actively in the Data.Chat,  #datathon-hosts channel and make sure that all due dates and deadlines are met.

  • Keep deadlines

There are only a few deadlines. But these are vital for the whole concept: the local participants should follow the Data.Chat for important announcements. Two more important deadlines: the data sets to the data cases will be available not before Tuesday 19:00 (UTC  +/-00:00) and the data case solution development will close on Sunday 11:00 (UTC  +/-00:00).

  • Provide internet connectivity for the participants

Your Datathoners will need internet connectivity at a reasonable speed, and you will need the internet to keep in contact with the rest of the local Data Hubs.  Make sure you have WiFi, or enough landline plug-ins for all participants.


  • Be part of the global Datathon community

Keep in touch – for example on Data.Chat, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter [using the Datathon specific hashtag and #Datathon ;)], and remember we are all part of a global event. Post your awesome pictures and great videos within our social media channels.

  • Announce your local Hub on the Datathon website

All locations with its organizers participating in the Datathon will need registration on the Data Science Society website in order to stay in touch. Also, if you are a Datathon Hub, you need to send us your community/organization logo and your website link (if any). It is not obligatory but recommended to create an article on our website promoting your organization by telling our members your story and why you join and support the Datathon.

  • (Highly recommended) Be involved in the Datathon story

Upload your local experience and the fun that your Datathoners have on Twitter, Facebook and why not somewhere else? And don’t forget to use the #Datathon + the specific hashtag. If you have the hardware, you can also stream the event for a bigger reach of your local organization [let us know and we will discuss how it happens technically].

Datathon Support

  • Provide site contact during the event (Data.Chat username)

You are not alone, we want to have fun during organizing the global Datathon in your Data Hub! Therefore you have a community to share your ideas with and ask questions at any time. The global team will be there for the whole 48 hours to answer your questions (or those of your participants). On the other side, we need you to be reachable in case of changes to deadlines, technical problems etc.

  • Local Data Science mentors

The participant would choose your local Data Hub if they get a great feeling from the awesome collaborative atmosphere. It is up to you if you will invite a Data Science mentor who will be on the spot during the Datathon. If you can’t assure an expert, we have a team of mentors available online. That is why it is so important for the teams be at the Data.Chat throughout the challenge and ask their questions.


If you are interested to host a Datathon in your city, please contact us at[email protected] or write to us directly at our contact form.

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