GD2018 Mentors

Laleh Asadzadeh

Laleh Asadzadeh – Senior Data Scientist @ The Center of Applied Data Science & Data Scientist @ Potentia Analytics Inc.

Laleh received her MSc. in Computer Science in 2016 from Southern Illinois University. Her research focused on the modelling and analysis of social network users’ activities. Laleh then was a data scientist at Potentia Analytics Inc. and was in charge of developing and implementing several research projects that enhance the quality of service in hospitals.

Before that, she received her MSc. In Mathematics in 2001 from Sharif University of Technology. Her masters thesis on defining sets in combinatorial structures and their applications in cryptography. After graduation, Laleh has been a Mathematics instructor, researcher, and research mentor at Isfahan Mathematics House.

She specializes in Mathematical Modelling, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, and programming languages, such as Python and R.