What is a Datathon?

The Datathon is a weekend-long online competition where you are challenged to work on a real-world business case from the areas of computer vision, NLP and AI.

You and your team have 48 hours to come up with a solution to a real business challenge based on the provided datasets. The jury and the society will award the most precise, but also creative solutions.

The Datathon is entirely held online and opened to the global community via our platform. Anyone who wants to join us in Sofia is welcome.

What is Datathon?

Why participate?

Face real-world challenges

Solve practical business challenges in the areas of AI, NLP, computer vision, image processing and more

Have fun
We urge you to have fun at this gathering of like-minded people: connect, explore and grow as experts together
Leading experts mentoring

Receive mentoring from some of the best experts in AI, NLP, computer vision, image processing and other

You get to work in a team of experts in diverse fields and also receive advice from our company and invited mentors
Be a part of the community

Be a part of a strong and focused on data science only community that strives to grow our expertise together

Safe learning environment

Grow your knowledge and experiment in the safe and supportive environment of Data Science Society

Access to:

Real data from the companies that provided the cases
Virtual machines Microsoft, Amazon or IBM cloud
Supreme Mentorship from domain world experts
A platform for collaboration within Data Science Society

How it works:

Reserve your spot via Eventbrite
Register on the website and fill in your profile beginning of February
Review the Datathon cases
Book your time slots with mentors
Use the platform to proactively form your team
Grand opening start working with your team
Work with mentors
Upload your results on the DSS platform for review
Awards and feedback

The cases

These are the real cases coming from the companies. We want to thank them for the effort to anonymize the data and be part of this initiative.

Be bold and pick one or comment in our social channels!

Receipt Bank

CV case

The task will be to develop an algorithm that detects how many documents are contained in a PDF file.

More info


SNA case

The task is to investigate social structures through the use of networks and graph theory.

More info


NLP case

The task is to extract words, representative for entity’s activities and properties in а specified context of interest in news articles.

More info


NLP case

The task will be to find the model that assigns one and the same company ID to the two or more similar records, assuming it is the same Entity.

More info


NLP case

Your task will be cluster similar KB articles together so that they form clusters where the same problem is discussed.

More info


CV case

The task is to build up an image recognition that reliably recognizes which type of vegetables the customer has selected.

More info


DNA case

The task is to obtain the complete set of genome traces found in a single food sample and ALL organisms that should not be found in the food sample.

More info


NLP case

The task is to train ML on text that is annotated with concepts and relations that WE KNOW ABOUT from Open Data.

More info


AI case

The task will be to identify the volume uplift drivers, measure the promotional effectiveness and measure the cannibalization effect from main competitors.

More info

The Experts

Our partners provided Industry Experts for the cases and Platform Experts to help you with setting up your work space.


Pre-event week

  1. Registration on the DDS website - mandatory for all participants
  2. Fill in your profiles
  3. Get to know the cases and the DSS platform
  4. Chat with the Industry Experts
  5. End registration for matchmaking process
  6. Chat with Mentors
  7. Get to know other participants & Pre-event team forming

Day 1 - 09.Feb.18

  1. Registration
  2. Q&A & Networking
  3. #Datathon2018 Launch
  4. Welcome by the host - T.Sedlarski, Dean of FEBA
  5. Introduction to the #Datathon2018
  6. /Mentors, Cases, Technical Partners, DSS Platform, Datathon Workflow, Q & A/
  7. End of the Official Openning of #Datathon2018
  8. ***
  9. Only for participants @ Faculty of Economics and Business Administration & Online
  10. Fun session 1: Ice Breaking
  11. Matchmaking
  12. Fun session 2: Networking, Team forming & Beer
  13. Deadline for Team Registration

Day 2 - 10.Feb.18

  1. Fun session 3: Surprise
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Fun session 4: Surprise
  5. Dinner

Day 3 - 11.Feb.18

  1. Breakfast
  2. Semi-Finals Groups Announcement
  3. Fun Session 5: Surprise
  4. Deadline for Publishing Results
  5. Semi-Finals - Jury
  6.       Finals Opening
  7. ***
  8. Finalists Announcements
  9. Presentations by the finalists via Hangout
  10. Finals - Jury
  11. Fun Session 6: Surprise
  12. Awards
  13. Fun Session 7: Party


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General Terms of Participation

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