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Alexander Efremov

Alexander Efremov

Alexander Efremov, DSS mentor, Chief Scientist & Co-founder @ A4E, Assoc. Prof. @ TU – Sofia, Bulgaria

Alex has interests in data mining, including association, clustering, classification and regression, numerical optimization, real-time modeling, Kalman filtering, numerical methods and other math fields, needed for algorithms development in the area of data science.

He has over 18 years experience in the design of automated applications for: oil industry (adaptive control), satellite communication (beams control of mobile flat antennas), retail industry (auto-demand modelling & forecasting), credit risk (auto-scorecards development), marketing (campaigns strategy optimization, combo-offers optimization), and other automated solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

His Ph.D. is on auto-modeling of demand in hypermarket chains – highly dimensional multiple input multiple output (MIMO) dynamic systems. His monograph is on data-driven modeling – a generalization of all possible representations of MIMO regression models, and related methods and algorithms used within the stages of large MIMO models development.

He teaches (both graduate and postgraduate) courses on: R, Data Mining, Numerical Optimization and Automated BI Systems.

DataChat Name: @alex-efremov