The international data science hackathon where data scientists with 1 to 20+ years of experience from 30+ countries are challenged to develop machine learning algorithms for solving real data cases.

200+ participants
40+ solutions
30+ countries

Watch the Official Closing

The Official Closing will take place in Sofia Lab (Bulgaria) and will be streamed on YouTube at 18:30 BG time (UTC 00)

The Finalists teams are:

The Cases so far

Computer Vision

Predictive Analytics

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Explore ML approaches to your case
Collaborate with Data Scientists
Have solutions to your case

Engage the international Data Science talents with your real data case and explore their solutions and developed ML algorithms!

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The communities, organizations, media, and institutions which are helping us reach the global Data Science network.

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The Society

Data Science Society (a volunteer organization) develops a friendly environment where data enthusiasts are able to learn, share and experiment with real data cases within our global family.
We organize online Datathons, monthly challenges, digital meetups, webinars, workshops, summer schools, and many other events. At the Data.Platform there are more than 2200 registered data scientists from 50 plus countries.

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