The international data science hackathon where data scientists with 1 to 20+ years of experience from 30+ countries are challenged to develop machine learning algorithms for solving real data cases.

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The Official Closing will take place in Sofia Lab (Bulgaria) and will be streamed on YouTube at 18:30 BG time (UTC 00)

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Engage the international Data Science talents with your real data case and explore their solutions and developed ML algorithms!

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Frequently asked questions

The Datathon is a weekend-long online competition where you are challenged to work on a real-world business case from different areas of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.

You and your team have 48 hours to come up with a solution to a real business challenge based on the provided datasets. The jury and the society will award the most precise, but also creative solutions. The Datathon is entirely held online and opened to the global community via our platform. However, there will be several locations worldwide where the most enthusiastic teams can meet and code together.

  • Reserve your spot via our Platform
  • Register on the website and fill in your profile before April 8th
  • Review the Datathon cases
  • Use the platform to proactively form your team
  • Start working with your team
  • Work with the industry experts
  • Test your results on the DSS platform at the leaderboard
  • Publish your article for jury review
  • Awards and feedback

Yes. It is not mandatory to have a team formed in order to participate. You will have a chance to form a team up virtually until the start of the Datathon.

If you already have obtained a ticket via our platform, you have already registered for the Datathon. Please start browsing the cases and other registered participants. You will be able to form a team with ease, once you have chosen a case to work on.

We suggest the following workflow to choose a case:

  • Review all the provided cases
  • Look for a case that will challenge and excite you
  • Ask the industry experts in the respective Data.Chat channels
  • Form or join a team that you will have fun with (write in the Data.Chat which is your preferred case and find teammates)

You can use the output data and other information provided to you in regard to solving the chosen case during the event and afterwards. We as a community with an open source culture believe that sharing is caring. Therefore we invite everyone registered for the Datathon to upload their work on the DSS platform not only for the jury to choose the winners but also for others to learn from the community's experience.

When purchasing a ticket, select an Online ticket. During the Datathon you will have an opportunity to chat with the industry experts and other participants through our Data.Chat. The finalists will present their solutions with a prerecorded video and will answer the jury's questions below their article (aka their solutions).

Please read the Datathon Platform Guidelines.

You will submit your work as an article when the 48 hours of the challenge are over. After an evaluation through the leaderboard, a list of finalists will be selected. The selected teams will have time on Monday to prepare a 5 minutes video presentation of their solution. The jury will take a final decision based on their score on the leaderboard, their article structure and their video presentation.

You will be able to form a team with ease once you have chosen a case to work on.
We also advise you to take a look at the profiles of other participants and start using the chat room(s) in the Data.Chat for the case(s) that you find interesting. This is a good way to find other experts that would like to work on the same case.

For the first stage when the finalists are decided, the teams’ solutions will be evaluated through a leaderboard measuring the precision and recall of the developed algorithm.

For the second stage when the winners will be decided, the finalists’ solutions will be judged according to several criteria - the teams' video presentation, the score at the leaderboard and their article including statistical indicators, the resourcefulness of the solution and creativity of visualization.

The registrations for participating at the Datathon will end on April 8th, 2019.

However, you can still register on the platform to review the cases and the final presentations.

The Society

Data Science Society (a volunteer organization) develops a friendly environment where data enthusiasts are able to learn, share and experiment with real data cases within our global family.
We organize online Datathons, monthly challenges, digital meetups, webinars, workshops, summer schools, and many other events. At the Data.Platform there are more than 2200 registered data scientists from 50 plus countries.

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