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What is Descriptive Statistics?


What is Statistics? The availability of data is a massive boon in today’s world. The greatest challenge is, however, to analyze it for our needs. It is essential to understand and describe the data to evaluate the extensive resources of the data. We can explain data using different methods. Statistics, the mathematics branch, assist us […]

Summer School of Research Methods 2019


Summer School of Research Methods Have you heard about the Big Bone and Big Data? … bear with us, these things have something in common and that is the Summer School of Research Methods, which happened in the longest week of the year, near one of the highest peaks in Bulgaria. Just let us tell […]




Insurance will safeguard you from the loss, theft, and other damage that may happen due to uncertainty. It can protect one from the financial losses when there is damage caused to the person or the person’s property by someone. The premium that you pay the insurance company can save you from financial losses. The sudden […]

Data Science With R Vs Huge Information Analytics With Hadoop


As the enormity of data is on the rise, there’s a pressing lookout for methods to get priceless insights on it. As a result, there is a desperate need for professionals with acceptable knowledge science abilities. Data Science coaching is important for professionals and fresher of us in search of a career as a Data Scientist.