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What is NFT?


The year 2021 might be known in the history book of blockchain technology as the year when digital collectibles, digital art and virtual lands exploded. In March 2021, a crypto investor paid +$60 million for the digital painting “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” during an auction organized by Christie’s. Later that year, a series of […]



Ethereum is positively an extraordinary innovation. By finishing this Ethereum instructional exercise for amateurs, you have positively ventured to find out regarding this innovation. Ethereum Blockchain has a lot more applications that are important. The professions in the Blockchain field are ascending as it has changed the scene of creation.

Ensure Reader’s Delight in Your Product with Professional eBook Conversion Services


  Books have been the guiding light and treasure chests of knowledge for humans since times immemorial. They have elevated civilization to new heights by educating one generation after another. While the earliest ones were manuscripts and handicrafts, the invention of printing machines made books more accessible. The digital revolution further took this transformation a […]


Team NFPs


Team “Non-Fungible Primates” PART I: Predicting NFT prices Business Understanding The non-fungible token market is illiquid. Currently there is not a solution for real-time pricing of collections and individual tokens. Nexo is positioned as a leading lending provider for digital assets. Until recently they relied on crypto collateral for the provision of a loan. However, […]



NFT Datathon 2022 Mentor(Alexandar Efremov)  Team(Daniel Pavlov, Martin Nenov, Aleksandar Svinarov) Technology we use: -PyCharm -CoLAb What was our approach: Our approach with the NFT sales dataset and the NFT traits type dataset:   NFT traits dataset: we made a function to generate a new trait dataset containing only the rarity score for each trait […]



data_read NFT_Hackathon_RarityScore Approach to the task. Steps 1. Tweet Data Reviewing the sales data, we saw outliers in some of the collections in count of transactions. The problem was solved after the deletion of zero value transactions. Checking the correlation between the sum of the retweets (daily sum, cumulative sum, cumulative rolling sum) and the […]