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Pavel Nikolov

Pavel Nikolov

Pavel Nikolov, Senior Business Analyst @ VMware

Making discoveries while swimming in big data is what Pavel does! The Power of Analytics is disrupting the way of doing business! The data-driven economy is here.

Pavel has knowledge and experience with the following platforms: MATLAB, Apache Spark, Anaconda, Quantum, R. He has also experience with the programming languages MATLAB, Python, SparkSQL, C, Quantum, R, JavaScript and the development environments Eclipse C/C++, MS Visual Studio, Sublime Text.

Pavel performed mathematical modeling with MATLAB, Apache Spark, Ipython Notebook, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib and Pandas.

He is interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Segmentation, Stochastic Models, Predictive Models, State Estimators, Kalman Filter Linear Regression, Logarithmic Regression, Polynomial Regression, AR, MA, ARX, ARMAX, LS, WLS, Step-Wise Regression and Data Vizualization.

DataChat Name: @zenpanik