GD2018 MentorsMC-04-2019

Gloria Hristova

Gloria Hristova – PhD Student in Data Science, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Gloria Hristova is an alumni representative at the advisory council part of the Master’s in Business Analytics program at FEBA and takes an active role in helping bridge the gap between the business and students. Gloria received recognition of high academic achievements during her studies and the Best Paper Award granted by the Master’s in Business Analytics program at FEBA. Her Master thesis is in the field of text mining and includes application of NLP techniques and machine learning.

Gloria decided to specialize in the field of text analytics and its applications for the business – currently, she is as a PhD student in Data Science at Sofia University.

Professional experience also includes Scorecard development (application and behavior scorecards), industry knowledge in the Financial sector (mainly risk analysis and management), analyses of clients’ behavior (client retention) and Association rules mining.

Main areas of interest: applying advanced analytics methods and predictive modeling, text analytics, sentiment analysis, machine learning, and NLP.

DataChat: @gloria