GD2018 Mentors

Thomas Roca, PhD

Thomas Roca, PhD – Data Strategist Economic Graph LinkedIn & Microsoft Senior Research Affiliate @ Data-Pop Alliance

Thomas is Data Strategist at Microsoft & LinkedIn within the Government Affairs team. Thomas conducts research about the future of work, the impact of Artificial Intelligence and automation on the labor market leveraging LinkedIn Economic Graph data. Thomas’ favorite field of research is at the cross roads between data-science and socio-economic analysis. Thomas’s area of expertise covers Natural Language processing and computer vision, Python, SQL, Javascript.

Thomas gives data-training for the United Nation System Staff College in collaboration with Data-Pop Alliance (ODI, MIT media Lab, Harvard HHI)

In his previous roles, Thomas was a researcher and statistician, then Data Officer at the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) – France’s Bilateral Cooperation Bank. Thomas leads a research program on alternative welfare indicators, Big Data for Development and data visualization, with MIT media lab, Orange and Data-Pop Alliance as partners. Thomas developed AFD’s data portal to help inform development practitioners about economic and social situation of developing countries.

Thomas also spent time at the United Nations in New York contributing to the Human Development Reports (2015 and 2010). He taught Economics in Hungary, Vietnam, and Kurdistan as a lecturer. Thomas holds a PhD in Development Economics from Bordeaux University and a MSC in Economics from University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.