Datathon industry experts guidelines


Dear colleague, we highly appreciate Your participation in Datathon 2018 as an industry expert and we are sure that Your contribution will make for another great Datathon. Please, see the mentor instructions for the Dathaton 2018.

   1. Log in to the Data Chat

Before starting to use the Data Chat read the instructions to install it and register at the following link:

         1.1. Enter into your channels of interest 

As soon as You log in the Data Chat, You should join the channels “General”, “Announcements” and at least one of the channels of the cases for the current Datathon (please, use the search field with # as starting symbol to see the full list of open channels). These channels are going to be the main place of Your contributions during the Datathon. You should introduce yorself with few wordsin the General channel. We have closed group called “mentors-internal” which you should request to be added. If You wish You may also join some team channels or create Your own (by clicking “+” by the search box).

1.2. Participate in online conference call

For clearing up on various questions you may have and to discuss some organizational details, we are organizing two conference calls (You may choose to participate in one of them).

1.3. Participate in the online discussions

First and most important You should provide us with a timetable of when You are going to be available online during the two days of the Datathon and the days before. We expect that You would be available to assist the participants at least a total of 6 hours spread in two time slots of three hours during the Datathon. Take some time to familiarize with the case and with the typical questions that arise solving it.  Also You should log in about once a day online in the Datathon chat channel, so that You would interact and introduce Yourself with the participants and answer their questions.

2. During the event

2.1. General directions

Be an expert. The main reason we are inviting You as an industry expert is that You have particular knowledge about the case which Your company provides the Datathon. We expect to put Your best foot forward and push the data scientists at the Datathon to their success.
Be inspiring motivator in the darkest hour. Although the level of expertise of our participants has always been very high, we have noticed that from time to time some teams run into seemingly thick walls working under pressure and within short deadlines due to lack of understanding the domain specifics. You as a mentor should be the one to pull them out of their despair and lift their spirits.
Support all teams, who ask for Your advice. As there would be multiple teams working on your case and a lot of participants, Your support would be sought by many teams. We would ask You to turn Your attention to every request for advice.

2.2. Online participation

Following Your timetable (but preferably throughout the whole event) You should participate in the online chat (in the respective channels). You may join as many team channels as You want, You may communicate with the teams through whatever other means of communication You want.

Teams may write You in as a mentor of their solution (in the field “supervised by”) so You may see inside their article while it is still work in progress (and not accessible to the public).
As an industry expert You should provide feedback to all teams working on your case after the event. Have in mind that many of the teams would continue working on their cases and Your support would help them tremendously.

3. At the end of the event

3.1. General principles

The event finishes with the mentors jurying all the team solutions by voting. This time we are most probably going for a two stage evaluation since we expect many participants (e.g. many teams).

3.2. Semi-finals – leader board

The teams will be assigned in groups for each case by uploading their interim results. Several teams which are ranked at the top of their leader boards will qualify for the final. The finalist teams are going to be announced and preparing for the final round where they need to login and present their solution.

3.3.Finals and closing

The finalist teams would have to provide and uploaded a video of up to 3 minutes to explain some details, to be evaluated by the Jury. The jury vote will be based mainly on the content of the articles of the team. The mentors will provide you with feedback below your article. Participants are also encouraged to leave comments and questions to other articles, when they are available. The team with the best collective rank wins. There will be streaming for the award ceremony so keep an eye on the website, schedule and the #announcement chat for pinned messages.

3.4. Voting instructions

In order to jury the teams (after the deadline):
1) go to your profile (click in top right corner of the webpage);
2) go to “Jury articles”;
3) you should be able to see links to all the teams, you are supposed to judge;
4) read all the articles, leave feedback in the comments (this is what the participants would like, and also, this enriches the content of the solution);
5) after you read them, put ranks in front of each team, where rank 1 is the best solution (according to you), second best is rank 2 and so on;
6) you should judge the teams solutions on the methodical correctness and rigorousness, but also originality of the approach. We may have metrics’ scores of the teams (depending on the case), but you should use this information for reference only.


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