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Ivan Paspaldzhiev


Ivan Paspaldzhiev – Consultant @ Denkstatt Bulgaria

I am a Consultant at denkstatt Bulgaria – part of denkstatt Group and the premiere sustainability consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe. My work as a sustainability consultant routinely transgresses disciplinary boundaries, being somewhere at the intersection between data & modelling, business decision making and environmental policy at the Bulgarian and EU level.

Whether it’s Python, R, GIS or just good old Excel, I like to view data crunching, models and statistics as just tools of the trade for answering interesting questions about the real world.

A taste includes:

  • Quantitative assessment of net (economic, environmental and social) impacts of business activities – for large Bulgarian and global players in the retail, food & beverage and mining sectors
  • The climate forecasting behind Sofia Municipality’s climate adaptation strategy
  • Analysis of the life-cycle impacts of plastics products & their substitutes for the European Commission’s Strategy on Plastics
  • Methodology development for integrating the biophysical impacts of land-use change in life-cycle assessment (under LUC4C FP7)

Prior to denkstatt, I was a Climate Impacts Scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, where I was a developer for the JULES land surface model (used for conducting global climate forecasts). I hold a BSc (with First Class Honours) in Ecological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Edinburgh.


Data.Chat : @paspaldzhiev