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Building a global data-driven Society who bond through our Data.Chat and DataMeetUps, experiment with data at our Global Datathons and learn with real-world Cases, Solutions on our Data Science Society platform.

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Data Science Society is an international digital community and our team has been building a strong core of members digitally around a body of Data Science knowledge while having fun!

So far we have organized multiple Data Science Meetups and International Datathons with attendees from more than 20 countries. We devote ourselves also to our own Data platform for all enthusiasts, data geeks and experts who love to share their knowledge and learn more in the field!

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The expert at anything was once a beginner. We believe that the most valuable asset of a community are the people passionate about their field and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others - that are the true educators who help others grow!

Among our Data Science mentors are internationally renown experts who share their Data Science domain experience at our workshops and Meetups, collaborate together on data projects and prepare interesting data sets for our practical challenges and Datathons. Are your passion to share your experience? Be part of the expansion of our mentors network!

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Varna Open University
Manipal University
New Bulgarian University
Sofia Development Association (SofiaLab)

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Our volunteers are inspired individuals with various skills and backgrounds in data science, marketing, project and event management, journalism and other. Data enthusiasts or believers in the new practical form of education, the volunteers are the superheroes whose contribution and dedication brings people from more than 50 countries to collaborate and learn data together on our Data Science platform. Develop your interests further within the community and be the reason even more people to get a valuable Data Science knowledge!