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Tomislav Križan

Tomislav Krizan

Tomislav Križan,  Chief Product Officer, Founder and Owner of Atomic Intelligence d.o.o., Croatia

He is helping others to succeed through the data and knowledge insight. Besides that, Tomislav is spending a large part of his working day for mentoring others and sharing knowledge across the globe.

His business and research focus for the last few years was on Big Data spectrum where he engaged in many custom implementations utilizing not just data ingestion and processing systems, but stepping up the game while focusing on Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms and frameworks/platforms to support product or project need (from customer-centric need towards M2M needs of processing/deciding in everyday line of business) over vast amount of internal and external data (public and private as well). Same applies to any volume of data points. Methods are the same, technology may be different.”

DataChat: @tomislavk