GD2018 Mentors

Jan-Benedikt Jagusch

Jan-Benedikt Jagusch – Assistant professor for the text analytics course @ NOVA IMS & a president of Nova Analytics Group

Jan-Benedikt Jagusch is a data scientist and holds a Master degree in Information Management and Business Intelligence from NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS).

His research mainly focuses on neuroevolution, a sub-field of artificial intelligence, where he develops genetic programs for optimizing deep learning architectures. Further, Jan works as an assistant professor for the text analytics course at NOVA IMS, teaching the fundamentals of natural language processing. He served as president of Nova Analytics Group, a student association at NOVA IMS that applies machine learning to social good projects.

Finally, Jan is a public speaker and has already orated at TEDx, Science Slam and R-Ladies.

Data.Chat: @jjagusch