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      We decided to base our solution on R, RStudio and R Markdown. Hence, we can provide some “decent” html , pdf or Word output, but we still haven’t found a way to import the nice looking standalone html file into the platform. That is way we opted for the pdf format as a substitute for the time being. Any help with importing the html file is appreciated!
      P.S. We know that Jupyter Notebooks can handle R, but it’s too much of a hassle compared to just sticking with RStudio.

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        there is an easy way to knit() from R studio to Jupyter notebook…. but even if you do not want to go i-python, at least publish the code here as a formated text. As you can see nobody gives you feedback as it is.

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    Amazing article! Not only regarding to the approach to the specific case, but it also presents a constructive way of approaching exploratory analysis as a whole and could be used as an excellent point of reference for the other projects as well.
    As a recommendation, adding visualizations after “basic stats” section would allow easier interpretation of the findings observed.
    Overall, a very powerful, educational and inspirational article, keep doing you work with passion!
    Great job, Pumpkins, we are looking forward to your next steps in Monthly Challenge.
    Team Kiwi (:

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    My admiration for your good performance! Your solution published in the attached file really impressed me.
    I will follow your article with great interest.
    Good luck :0)
    The Dirty Minds Team

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    Hello pumpkins, congratulations for great work so far. Nice to try the alternative clustering method through k-means, particularly appreciated the map provided in doc file. My concerns are the following : 1/ how did you end up with 417 citizen stations out of 1265 ? Personally, it is 372 common stations in 2017-2018 out of 383 in 2017 and 1253 in 2018. 2/ Could you please add visualization, data set header and/or some explanation around each step your code as it is hard to follow your process conveniently ? Best

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