12 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – Lone Fighter

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    Giving code is a good initial step, but in order to receive constructive feedback you should write expllanations and put some visualisations. We need argumentation.

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    Its quite difficult to be constructive based only on a bare R code without output! I can recommend that you use the “Compile Report” function in RStudio (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + K) and post the results again.

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    Hi team,
    When I selected article, I got a docx document for download. Went through your document file. I will caveat my feedback saying that I don’t R at all. That said, I liked your approach to breaking down the problem and filtering. You did great to filter out anomalous stations from citizen data and filtering data to Sofia only. Have you considered normalizing the data to the Sofia ranges for temperature, humidity and pressure. If I am looking at your older page, let me know, will be glad to come back and look at your latest.


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