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Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – Kung Fu Panda

Your work on Week 2 is pretty good! We noticed that you only filtered the data on P10 particles. There are also serious outliers in temperature and pressure if you are going to use them as explanatory variables for P10. As a suggestion from our team, you can trace the stations that emit false observations and turn them off from next steps of the analysis.
We really like your visualizations and we are looking forward for your next week solution!
Team Kiwi (:

Data Exploration, Observations, Planning

Great article!
Your approach to the case is really impressive and shows a good past practice. As beginners, we are pleased to have the opportunity to get to know your method for each step in the race. The Tableu visualizations are very informative and we have received useful information about aspects that we have not inspected so far.
We are looking forward for your Week 3 resolution. Good luck!
Team Kiwi (:

The pumpkins

Amazing article! Not only regarding to the approach to the specific case, but it also presents a constructive way of approaching exploratory analysis as a whole and could be used as an excellent point of reference for the other projects as well.
As a recommendation, adding visualizations after “basic stats” section would allow easier interpretation of the findings observed.
Overall, a very powerful, educational and inspirational article, keep doing you work with passion!
Great job, Pumpkins, we are looking forward to your next steps in Monthly Challenge.
Team Kiwi (: