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Air Sofia Pollution Case


7 thoughts on “Air Sofia Pollution Case

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    you overestimate the powers of our mentors, please write some humanly readable explanations, put some visualisations, etc. we would like to understand your ideas.

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      Thanks, if we knew how to do it in the article we will do it. Please have patience with use, we are still quite fresh with these types of challenges and this is not an easy task. Any guidance on the types of data vis you would like to see ?

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    Hi @ESTOYANOVA, @MATANSKI, @SKADIR, @POLINA – I just visited your page for week 2 updates as that was part of my review assignment. Let me know when you are ready for review by just tagging me in a comment or chatting me.

    For what’s its worth, if you want a free and drag and drop easy way to visualize your data, you can try – the public version of the tool is free and is fully functional for up to 15million rows of data.

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