Monthly Challenge – Ontotext case – Solution – Team epistemi

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Week 1. Data Understanding + Feature Extraction We have been provided with a dataset consisting of 277419 records, which are extracted from DBpedia. It has 6 features and 1 label of 32 classes as summarised in below table: ID Item Name Item Type Observations 1 org Feature URL; may be useful for extraction of additional […]

Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution – Banana

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Business Understanding Air pollution is one of the major global topics in every part of the modern life – politics, ecology, social responsibility etc. In the last few years it became a major topic for Bulgaria and especially for Sofia. It is a well – known fact that our capital’s air is rather polluted. The […]

Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Solution -[Dirty Minds]

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Introduction We were at the opening of the Datatohn 2018 with bated breath. The Case of Telelink is a real challenge to solve one of the most important problems of modern society in the urban areas. Foreknowledge of areas with polluted air would allow many people to take preventive measures and protect themselves from negative […]