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Datathon – HackNews – Solution – PIG (Propaganda Identification Group)

Hello, you are a clear winner in the hardest Task 3, and you did reasonably well in Task 1: even though there are quite a few teams ahead of you, the difference to the top team is just 0.05 or so. You also seem to have built one of the most complex models. Yet, on Task 2, you did not place in the top 8. How do you explain that given that you did reasonably well in Task 1, which is similar?

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – Stark Team

You’re on to something as you have the best score! I’m also a proponent of SVM “on top.” Do you think you would have done even better with a neural network as a feature extractor? If yes, what was the limitting factor, why didn’t you try?