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Team Seven Bridges – Telelink Case: What Really Goes into Sausages?

I really liked this article, because they went beyond the given setting and actually suggest that there are potentially other organisms in there, too. Interested whether the Taenia and Rat are true hits and if these few fragments are enough evidence for potential contamination. Great research skills!

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – FlipFlops

Very thorough analysis, I like that you looked into all three tasks. The approaches are very reasonable, and I wonder if you have any explanation why your Task1 and Task2 models were not among the top scoring.

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – Leopards

Good article, nice approach, interesting feature analysis. It definitely seems plausible that the quoted words are relevant for various types of propaganda. I am wondering what are those scores that you cite, i was expecting p-values for the Chi2 test. “`threat: 18.133
would be: 16.317
die: 14.830
act: 12.543
death: 5.955“`

DNA Case team Backstabbers

Excellent presentation, I like the diagrams and barplots. Shows good command of visualization tools – such an important aspect of data analysis. Results are plausible. I tried the website, but could not figure out the credentials and it was too late to ask.