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Team Seven Bridges – Telelink Case: What Really Goes into Sausages?

I really liked this article, because they went beyond the given setting and actually suggest that there are potentially other organisms in there, too. Interested whether the Taenia and Rat are true hits and if these few fragments are enough evidence for potential contamination. Great research skills!

DNA Case team Backstabbers

Excellent presentation, I like the diagrams and barplots. Shows good command of visualization tools – such an important aspect of data analysis. Results are plausible. I tried the website, but could not figure out the credentials and it was too late to ask.

Team Cheetahs Case Telelink(iGEM)

From the first person singular discourse, I get that this was the effort of one-member team. This is a hard case, that requires enough background in genetics and DNA alignment tools. I congratulate the team for the courage to approach such a specific domain. Data science is first about understanding the domain, and only after that about the ability to do modeling.

Datathon NSI Solution – The curious case of ‘Household Budget Survey(HBS)’

In the case of the linear regression model that you described: can you make it more clear, which were the observations in the train set, which were the observations in the test set? Which were the features and which were the predicted variables?
Can you also comment on the main difference between using a classical linear Regression and the ARIMA model? Which is more appropriate?

Datathon NSI Solution – Predicting Household Budgets

If you are still editing the article: can you please give more substantial comments as to how are these visualizations helping you get closer to solving the given task, i.e. predicting expenditure for the next year, should the survey not take place.