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DNA Case team Backstabbers

We developed workflow utilizing Blast and Centrifuge toolkits, that is able to provide precise metagenomics information about food composition, from comparing DNA reads with reference genomes of various species. Our workflow is optimized to work on Google Cloud instance (Compute Engine) with 24 CPUs and 200 GB of RAM.


6 thoughts on “DNA Case team Backstabbers

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    Excellent presentation, I like the diagrams and barplots. Shows good command of visualization tools – such an important aspect of data analysis. Results are plausible. I tried the website, but could not figure out the credentials and it was too late to ask.

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    Very good article. Clear, explanatory, high level. The model diagram helps a lot to the understanding; the online demo and the demonstrative video are very impressive and a great addition. The model itself looks very promising. Great work, guys!

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    Great job guys! Besides covering the task requirements, you took time to add some extra spice.

    I especially enjoy the URL:! 😀

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