Hack the News Datathon 2019

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The Cause

Propaganda is the new weapon which influences people opinions or believes at certain ideology whether that ideology is right or wrong.

Ask yourself – do you know whether today’s news is really true or making you believe something fake unconsciously?

The propaganda identification tool which is to be developed at the upcoming Datathon will help to fight the manipulation spread in news and test hypothesis such as which news sources are biased and propagandistic.

Get involved

The good cause needs a good stimulus – Let’s raise a bigger crowdfunded award for those who will develop the tool for fighting propaganda! You can support the cause and book your ticket here with a discount by making a donation!

The Case

The case is now available and you can check it at here!


The Location

The Data Science Hackathon is open for the global community to participate from all around the world virtually.

However, there are several physical Datathon hosts. Keep an eye for their local schedules and logistics information.

Local Host in Sofia: SofiaLab (Serdika, 1), Official Opening starts at 19:00 on Friday, 25.01

Hack the News Datathon with a Local Host in Sofia

Local Host in DohaQatar Computing Research Institute – more logistics info you can find here

Hack the News Datathon with a Local Host in Doha

Local Host in Bangalore: Manipal ProLearn – more logistics info you can find here

Hack the News Datathon with a Local Host in Bangalore

Local Host in Saudi Arabia: AstroLabs – you can book your ticket from here 

Hack the News Datathon with a Local Host in Riyadh

* If you want to become a local host of the Datathon, please refer to the Datathon Host Guidelines. 

The Agenda

Published on the Hack the News Event page (all times are in UTC +/- 00:00)

End of Registration

In order to purchase a ticket, you need to register first. 

* The registration deadline is prolonged for those who missed it and asked to open the registration – it will be available to 24.01!

Further Contribution

If you want to make a contribution to the crowdfunded award, you can do this at bit.ly/HackNews2019. Thank you!


Bookings are closed for this event.