Hack the News Datathon with a Local Host in Riyadh

What is the HackNews Global Datathon @Riyadh with Riyadh AI?

There are biases in news. Is there a way to automatically identify them?

This motivated Riyadh AI to become a local host of “Hack the News” Datathon, a Data Science Hackathon open to the global community.

Data Enthusiasts and Experts in the area of text-mining and NLP are challenged to develop a machine learning model for identifying biases using their preferred data analysis methods and tools and following a cutting-edge methodology.

Riyadh AI, a local chapter of the City AI movement, is proud to host the local hub of this datathon in partnership with Astrolabs Riyadh. This will be a fun datathon to connect with data scientists around the world through the Data Science Society while learning and networking with local enthusiasts and experts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The non-profit City.AI is run by volunteering ambassadors in more than 60 cities across 6 continents with the aiming to enable everyone to apply AI leveraging its potential. We achieve this by making knowledge and resources accessible which will democratize the design, development, and use of Artificial Intelligence. 
Therefore our ambassadors invite AI practitioners to share lessons learned to put AI into production which will ultimately result in strengthened local AI ecosystems. Also, every AI stakeholder is invited to engage and collaborate with City.AI activities, just reach out to your local hub.

Register now at the local host’s event page to receive further instructions (via email) on the rules and logistics to participate in the Global Hackathon.

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