Sofia Air 2.0

Predictive analytics case at Datathon 2019

Data Case Introduction


Air pollution is quite a topic today. The municipality is investing a lot of effort, expertise, and resources in order to measure the exact values of the gases and particulate matter in the air in order to identify the quality. Still, last time we were focusing on supporting this effort in terms of unification of more data sources, calibration and clustering so that we could have a more clear view on the levels of air pollution within a 24-hour frame ahead.

The topic of air pollution does not end there, though...

Those levels of air pollution are affected by certain variables and factors that we can assume but do not have a clear definition or validated educated-guess.  In order to do so, we would investigate the different factors that might be affecting air pollution levels.

The area that the research will be focused on and the data is supporting is Bulgaria, where public factors are available to you that consists of meteorological data: weather, humidity, wind; traffic data; air pollutants information collected from official and unofficial information streams, population's heating choice, and traffic data.

The Goal

The goal of the assignment is to achieve an advanced approach into exploring the different dependencies, correlations, and factors that are defining the air pollution. This is the next step towards the completion of a story and holistic view over the data-driven and data explained the social topic of unveiling the secrets behind the information about Sofia Air Quality.

About the Case Providers

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Project “SOfiaGREEN” was initiated by the Mayor of Sofia and the Sofia Development Association. The team started work in the fall of 2016 with the main objective of coordinating and streamlining all of Sofia Municipality’s policies related to sustainable development. The aim is to put forward a successful bid for Sofia in the European Green Capital* contest, organized by the European Commission, and improve the quality of life for the citizens.