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Datathon – Sofia Air 2.0 – Solution – Internet of Kings


5 thoughts on “Datathon – Sofia Air 2.0 – Solution – Internet of Kings

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    You declare that you have trained a model, but don’t specify which model. Please, upload your .ipynb file with “media upload” button when editing the article.

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    Can you elaborate more why you choosed LinearRegression for solving this case? Did you consider using other methods and algorithms? I like “grid” approach of estimating polution over map. It shows congestion yones visually but more work on custom shapes and spread would tell story even better.

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    Well first because it’s easy and fast and it’s also applicable as we were trying to find a linear relationship between the weather and the concentration of PM10 at each station. We wanted to create a dense neural network but we couldn’t do that with the short amount of data. So I guess we were limited by the amount of data (20 days).

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    Also, dT/dz (differentiation of T with respect to z) was ranging from -1.71 to 1.66 in the data that was provided (20 days) so in theory, any model trained wouldn’t be able to guess the case where the stability of air is at Class A (Pasquill Stability Class) which corresponds to dT/dz being < -1.9.

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