Kaufland Airmap

Computer Vision case at Datathon 2019

Data Case Introduction


A Kaufland store is a very big thing. It has a sales floor of up to 12.000 square meters and provides more than 30.000 products. A lot of events can occur on our shelves that are likely to be overlooked. Items can get sold out, other items might be placed on the wrong position or they are labeled in the wrong way. Consequently, customers miss the products they need or relevant information about these products. This may impact customer satisfaction and in last consequence lead to missed revenue.

But how to avoid this situation and get all the relevant information from the shelves in a very short time?

How about using a drone, hovering through the store while capturing various relevant
information within seconds? We can take care of the flying operations, so you can
focus on the computer vision component.

The Goal

Can you apply object detectors to locate empty spots in the shelves, barcode-readers for decrypting the labels and self-taught AI for detecting if the items are placed above the correct label? Do you have other ideas to analyze the products, the shelves or do things we can’t even imagine? Feel free to test!

If you are interested in computer vision and autonomous flying, live up to the challenge and impress the world with your solution!

Kaufland Testimonial

As a huge retailer, we here in the Kaufland stores have plenty of stuff to play with but let's start with our products, shelves, and shelf labels. We need to keep an eye on what is happening inside our shelves and we must always have the labels up to date. And this is where YOU come into the equation. Find an innovative solution that detects the state the shelves are in, controls if the information provided by the signs is up to date and provides all information in an appealing and well-arranged manner. Feel free to stretch your imagination and try out cool ways to do that like using a drone for example. This way we build knowledge and you gain a weekend full of fun, experiments and a lot of coding with other enthusiasts like you full of crazy ideas. In the end, we get an innovative solution that helps us manage our products and coincidently might also be a cool gadget we really want to play with!

About the Case Provider

Kaufland is a hypermarket chain, part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl. It opened its first store in 1984 in Neckarsulm and quickly expanded to become a leader in what was formerly West Germany. Kaufland supports the huge Schwarz group with IT development solutions in the areas of Mobile, ABAP, UI5, Java, SharePoint, and BI. They have very strong Infrastructure administration with teams working in the areas of SAP Basis, Database Administration, Integration Technologies, Backup & Recovery, and Hadoop while at the same time our Application Support teams are ever growing. Kaufland's team has two wonderful offices in the outer center of Sofia and number more than 100 people.