Datathon 2019

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The Cases

The data sets are in the detailed case articles!

Kaufland Airmap Case

Can you apply object detectors to locate empty spots in the shelves of the Kaufland store, barcode-readers for decrypting the labels and self-taught AI for detecting if the items are placed above the correct label? Do you have other ideas to analyze the products, the shelves or do things we can’t even imagine? Feel free to test!

Sofia Air 2.0 Case

Can you achieve an advanced approach into exploring the different dependencies, correlations, and factors that are defining the air pollution? Implement your skills and knowledge for solving the social data case!

The Logistics

Datathon Hubs

The Data Science Hackathon is open for the global community to participate from all around the world virtually.

However, there are several physical Datathon hosts. Keep an eye for their local schedules and logistics information.

Local Host in Sofia: Book your ticket for Richhill Business Center below! Official Opening starts at 19:00 (BG time) on Friday, 12.04.

Local Host in BeirutBook your ticket for American University of Science and Technology, Beirut Campus at HERE! After receiving a coupon code, enter it below to complete your registration. Official Opening starts at 14:00 (LBN time) on Friday, 12.04.

Local Host in Jaipur:  Book your ticket for Vivekananda Global University, Sector 36, NRI Road, Jagathpura, V I T Campus at HERE! After receiving a coupon code, enter it below to complete your registration. The registration begins at 8:30 (IN time) on Saturday, 13.04.

Local Host in Bangalore:  Book your ticket for Manipal ProLearn, 3rd Floor, Salarpuria Symphony 7, Service Road, Pragathi Nagar below! Official Opening starts at 9:00 (IN time) on Saturday, 13.04.

The Agenda

The time is in Bulgaria (+ 03:00 UTC)

Please follow the local schedules!

Pre-event week

  1. Get to know other participants & Pre-event team forming
  2. Registration on the DSS website and log in the Data.Chat – mandatory for all participants
  3. Get to know the DSS platform
  4. Deadline for filling in your profiles
  5. Ask advisors your questions
  6. End registration for matchmaking process (if you don’t have a team, we will suggest you the smartest participants to team up with! 🙂 )

Start – Friday -12.04

  1. Official Opening
  2. Start forming the team
  3. Win the #HackSocialMedia game: Post your video and image stories on Twitter and Facebook with #HackNews and #Datathon!

Saturday – 13.04

  1. Deep Data Learning and Coding
  2. (BG Time Zone) – Register the team
  3. Fun, friendships and code time

Sunday – 14.04

  1. Secret testset released by DSS
  2. Upload your final results at leaderboard and publish the article
  3. Finalists Announcements

Monday – 15.04

  1. Finalists upload their video, update article

Tuesday – 16.04

  1. Jurying, Finalists monitor your articles for questions from the jury
  2. Finals and closing ceremony Official Closing
We will update you with insights, interesting materials and information about the Datathon 2019!


Bookings are closed for this event.