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Team Seven Bridges – Telelink Case: What Really Goes into Sausages?

Questions during the presentation:
1. @drceenish
Can this approach become a real product in the world which one day we can walk with in the supermarket? Your thoughts?
2. @liad
– How would you tackle gene mutations or unknown samples which were not in the gene bank? or (even worse) if the sample in the bank are not accurate

Price and promotion optimization for FCMG

Questions during your presentation:
1. @agamemnon
What was the most challenging part of this analysis and how you came up with the elasticities at the end ?
2. @mladensavov
What is the explanatory power of your model? Could you quote the R value? How many explanatory variables did you eliminate to build the model?
3. @tonypetrov
Having too many variables in your model may impact performance. Did you take any measures to combat the potential slow down?