Datathon 2019 MeetUp

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Datathon Solutions

We invited to the Datathon Meetup some of the best teams who participated in the previos editions.

Stay tuned to see who is going to present their solutions on cases in NLP, Predictive Analytics and more Data Science domains.

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Datathon 2019 Cases

The international Data Science Hackathon, Datathon 2019 is approaching and our next Meetup will be focused on it!

Case providing companies and institutions will present the challenges and what to be expected in more details. You can explore the cases and think of questions for the upcoming Datathon MeetUp.

Can you apply object detectors to locate empty spots in the shelves, barcode-readers for decrypting the labels and self-taught AI for detecting if the items are placed above the correct label? Do you have other ideas to analyze the products, the shelves or do things we can’t even imagine? Feel free to test!

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Can you explore the different dependencies, correlations, and factors that are defining the air pollution? The data set for the challenge is prepared by several institutions and companies to have the full picture of what is causing the Sofia Pollution.

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Place: Sofia Lab

Time: 4/4, 19:00 – 21:00

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Data Prep with R Studio

Jupyter Notebook and Python 101

Datathon 2019 – the international Data Science Hackathon 


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