[ Data Science 101 ] Jupyter Notebook and Python 101

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Before our international Datathon 2019, we will warm up with some knowledge sharing in the field of Data Science!


What is Jupyter Notebook?

What are Python Programming Language Characteristics?

Numpy, Pandas and other libraries used by Data Scientists

How to:

  • Read / Write data in Jupyter Notebook
  • Visualization
  • Matrix and Vector Operations

*Level of difficulty: Beginner

** Please bring your laptop!


Petar Nikolov

Petar Nikolov is a PhD student in the application of quantum computers, where he is writing quantum algorithms with applications in different fields of cybernetics. Along dealing with quantum physics phenomenons like superposition and entanglement, he is designing technical solutions for a few teams working on different data science problems.
Pepe has several years of experience as a software developer, working on various projects, from embedded systems to neural networks for forecasting models.
He has interests in cryptocurrencies, cybernetics, forecasting, market modeling, bioinformatics, neural networks.
Pepe is a crucial part of the Data Science Society team and is always looking to help bright minds that are willing to learn, have a hungry attitude and are willing to give what it takes to learn fast.


Place: Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management (FDIBA), Technical University of Sofia, hall 10102

Time: 3/4, 18:00 â€“ 20:30

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