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Before our international Datathon 2019, we will warm up with some knowledge sharing in the field of Data Science!


Really what is all the fuss about data science. You hear about it, you know a person who constantly talks about it, your newsfeed spills over of “deep learning”, “python”, or “kalman filter”, and yet you wouldn’t know how to begin.

We are far from the idea that you will learn it all in 90 minutes, but we are confident we could soften your fear of starting the journey to data science with this seminar.

We are going to review and demonstrate the most popular data science tools today, with the focus on beginner-enthusiasts.


Angel Marchev Jr.

Prof. PhD Angel Marchev, Jr. is a PhD in applications of computer simulations in business. Marchev Jr. Is at least tenth generation university professor and it was only natural to choose such career path. He is currently teaching at the UNWE and BFU on „Stock markets and operations”, „Modelling and forecasting”, „Fundamentals of management”

His scientific interests include (the list is far from exhaustive):
* cybernetics
* computer simulation, forecasting, quantitative methods in management
* portfolio management, financial markets
* simulation and gaming
* self-organization, evolutionary algorithms, multi-stage selection procedures, genetic algorithms, neural networks, fuzzy logic, chaos theory


Place: University of National and World Economy (UNWE), hall 5039

Time: 1/4, 18:30 – 20:00

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