[ Data Science 101 ] Data Prep with R Studio

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Before our international Datathon 2019, we will warm up with some knowledge sharing in the field of Data Science!


As data-miners, we are always eager to turn data into knowledge. Yet, this process relies heavily on the input, i.e. garbage input produces garbage output. Therefore, preparing properly the raw data is of crucial importance for the quality of delivered results.

The workshop is intended to highlight some of the good practices when importing, preparing and cleaning data in the environment of R Studio. It is particularly well suited to beginners in the field and it is aimed to encourage students with limited experience to take part in the forthcoming Datathon.


Boryana Bogdanova is an Associate Professor and co-founder of the MSc Program in Business Analytics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Her research interests are in the field of Empirical Finance, International Financial Markets, Time Series Analysis, Wavelet Analysis, Data Mining with core papers published in reputable international journals. Among others, Boryana Bogdanova holds first prize at a national research contest in the filed of International Finance, organized by the Economic Policy Institute.DataChat Name: @Boryana


Place: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University, hall 200

Time: 2/4, 15:30 – 17:00

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