Foreigners in Sofia & Friends Case

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In the midst of the COVID outbreak, it is essential to map the extent and nature of person to person transmission. One potential tool that has proven potential is Social Network Analysis (SNA). Since its emergence in 1930 it has been used in multiple applications including analyzing corporate business partnerships, examining how ideas and information are transferred amongst a field of professionals and tracking and studying the transmission of communicable diseases. However the methodology seems to be underused. Foreigners in Sofia & Friends have generously provided us with a use case that can change that.

Net Info 2020 Case about articles

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For the past two decades we have been witnessing a never seen before access to information on one hand and at the same time the volume of the information has been exponentially growing. The rule: 90% of all data has been created in the past 2 years is still standing. This has lead to information overloading and the rise of recommendation systems. Guiding the user in this pool of data has proven to be critical for business success as we can see from YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and many others. Net Info has prepared another challenge: The next best article.

Imperia Online Case

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In the past few years DeepMind’s Alpha projects, IBM DeepBlue and OpenAI Five have shown that we are reaching the point of matching and exceeding human performance in complex game environments where there is no silver bullet to achieve a goal. In the push to mimic human performance in games Imperia Online has prepared a case in the game of Baloot. Have you ever heard about Baloot? Sounds like Belote and actually is like Belote but a little bit different.

Net Info 2020 Case about news

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In the dawn of the digital age, everybody’s voice is empowered so it can be heard by everyone. However when everyone speaks their voice out regarding a subject, the situation awareness is drowned in a sea of personal views. This in turn makes it harder to make effective informative decisions due to vague situation awareness. One way to improve this is to cluster the information into “world views”. Net Info has shared news articles in light of developing a semantic cluster analysis algorithm.

Kaufland Case 2020

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One of the industries AI is making a big impact is the Logistics Industry. Recent Research shows that AI can enable companies to “…derive between $1.3trn and $2trn a year in economic value from using AI in supply chains…”. Following this spirit Kaufland has prepared hot data straight from their supply chain.