2021’s meet-up series are knocking on the door!

Hey there,

First of all thanks to all that took participation in our MeetUp survey from mid-September to mid-November. We are happy to share the results from they survey!


As promised, based on the topics from the survey we start the series of meet-ups in 2021! The format of the Meet is an experienced practitioner and a rising star or enthusiast… thus we are opening a form for co-speakers.

Before we start as in a late night show, we would like to share several main insights  as a small recaption of the past 2020:

The first fully online Datathon.

Originally planned as an on site event, there was some hustle around the middle of March because of obvious reasons we shall not mention by name. However cases were already gathered, partnerships were made, prizes were pledged and people had registered. Thus it was all hands on deck from the organizational crew and soon the Datathon 2020 got upgraded to be online.

Fully voluntary organization

At the time online became the new black and well, still is. It wasn’t just the Datathon that was moved online, all the organisational meetings and partnership correspondence was pure digital too. In the spirit of switching to 100% volunteering since last year, here is the moment to share that we are always in a search for kindred spirits who would like to join our quest in bridging companies, professionals, rising stars and enthusiasts within the Data Science Realm. So if you are interested and want to board the ship, don’t hesitate and contact us.

2020 partnerships and conferences

In addition to the Hackathon we also had several partnerships and event appearances. For more details check out this article.

Trends and interests

We are glad to gather answers from almost all continents –  well, except from Antarctica.Results were received from India to US, Brazil to Portugal, London to Vienna, Tanzania to Romania and well Bulgaria. On top of that, 2 of the participants won tickets to the awesome Data Science Conference Belgrade – hope you enjoyed it!On the speakers section we got some pretty ambitious names like Musk and Bezos, but also AndrewNg and Preslav Nakov.which we consider with a high chance of bringing them on board!One of the most important things for us was to find out what you are interested in. Diagram below shows the order, in which you put the topics and industries .From the top 6 we can see that the interest apart from Computer Vision is actually in a specific field where Data Science (DS) and Machine Learning (ML) have significant impact on the industry – E-Commerce, Finance, Marketing and IoT. We are more than happy from the high attractiveness towards practicality of ML and DS!  Technology is not really worth it until it starts adding value…. and oh boy – we can genuinely say that DS and ML are indeed reshaping industries.

So for those of you who are really observant – you may ask – wait a minute, the sum of those is not equal to 100. You would be right. It is a small joke from me. The numbers are sealed, just to bug those who are really observant, so if it bugged you – mission accomplished!..Anyhow moving on.

Last, but not least…..2021 meet-ups!

In addition, we hope that we can cheer up those cold winter days a bit, by spoiling that we are going to have monthly MeetUps based on the topics you have suggested. Things would start trendy – meaning they would be online and hopefully at some point later in the year, when the numbers are aligned, we will have it in person.(It is good have hopes right?). Anyway, the format would include two speakers with a different depth of experience in the field – in the best case: one experienced and one that is in the initial steps of his path to mastery. The idea is that on one hand we can cover different topics at different levels, thus creating a mixed crowd with the opportunity to network. In addition to that, this style also provides space.for rising stars to get on the stage, experience a meet up and share their revelations. Soon we would open a second survey for co-speakers. All the MeetUps information would soon be announced..

….and more to come – the weekly challenges!

Also we are thinking of bringing back the weekly challenges, where every Friday a problem is given, including context and information points often referred to as data, and enthusiasts and practitioners have 7 days to provide a solution. More info on this next time.

For now, take it as a movie teaser 😜.

On this note good night or good morning, whatever suits you more. Till next time.

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