Net Info 2020 Case about articles

In the dawn of the digital age, everybody’s voice is empowered so it can be heard by everyone. However when everyone speaks their voice out regarding a subject, the situation awareness is drowned in a sea of personal views. This in turn makes it harder to make effective informative decisions due to vague situation awareness. One way to improve this is to cluster the information into “world views”. Net Info has shared news articles in light of developing a semantic cluster analysis algorithm.


Business Overview

News clustering based on semantic analysis can yield information on how actively different topics are discussed and if any kind of judgment takes place. Thus a valid representation of the “world views” can be achieved. Thin in turn fosters situation awareness among the public that is proving to be critical for crisis management such as Covid-19,

Problem Overview

Net Info has provided news articles with the purpose of performing semantic clustering analysis in order to provide a better representation for certain topics. The stage is free for vector space  models, k-means variations, generative algorithms, spectral algorithms, dimensionality reduction methods and phrase-based methods.

Expected output


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