Hack News Datathon Mentors’ Guidelines – Propaganda Detection

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In this article, the mentors give some preliminary guidelines, advice, and suggestions to the participants for the Hack the News Datathon case. Every mentor should write their name and chat name at the beginning of their texts so that there are no mix-ups with the other mentors. Introduction to NLP Natural Language Processing (NLP) is […]

Datathon – HackNews – Solution – PIG (Propaganda Identification Group)

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@Mentors: preslav @preslav alberto @alberto giovanni @giovanni laura @laura vsenderov @vsenderov   Team Members (datachat user name) Thomas Arnold (thomasarnold) Gisela Vallejo (gvallejo) Yang Gao (yg211) Tilman Beck (tbtuda) Nils Reimers (reimers) Jonas Pfeiffer (jopfeiff) Toolset: Keras – Github Pytorch – Site ScikitLearn – Site Flair – Paper Github BERT – Paper Github Stanford Politeness API: Github […]

Hack the News Datathon Case – Propaganda Detection

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1. Business Problem Formulation The current political landscape is shaped by extreme polarization of opinions and by the proliferation of fake news. For example, a recent study published in Science has found that rumors and fake news tend to spread six times faster than truthful information. This situation both damages the reputation of respectable news outlets and […]