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Alexander Efremov

Alexander Efremov

Alexander Efremov – The Brain @ DSS

Alexander has 18+ years experience in the design of automated applications for: oil industry (adaptive control), satellite communication (beams control of mobile flat antennas), retail industry (auto-demand modelling & forecasting), credit risk (auto-scorecards development), marketing (recommender systems, automated strategy optimization of: campaigns, combo-offers, supply, etc.), and other automated solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

Alex has interests in data mining, optimization, numerical methods and other math fields in the area of data science. His passion is to design all needed functionality for the automated applications, like algorithms for: training of neural networks, stepwise linear & logistic regression, non-recursive and recursive estimators, decision trees, linear and non-linear optimization methods, including algorithms for constraint and integer optimization, latent semantic analysis, algorithms for data preparation and analysis, linear and extended Kalman filters, algorithms for numerically stable matrix inversion and other algorithms related to engineering and data science.

He teaches (both graduate and postgraduate) courses on: R, Data Mining, Numerical Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Business.

His Ph.D. is on automated modelling of the demand in hypermarket chains. These systems are dynamic and high dimensional – with 10^5 outputs and 10^7 potential input variables.

His monograph is “Multivariable System Identification”, ISBN 978-954-9489-42-2 (written in Bulgarian). The focus is a generalization of the representations of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) regression models, analysis of their specifics and applicability, and related methods and algorithms used within the stages of large MIMO models development.

Now he is assoc. prof. at Technical University of Sofia and Chief Scientist, Co-founder at A4E.