The DSS team

Want to become a speaker, trainer or a course leader?


We, the members of Data Science Society, are looking for you – a skilled expert in the domains of statistics, data mining or predictive analysis. Join our efforts to accelerate innovation and promote open data! Become a speaker at one of our talks, a trainer in a course or even a lector in the master’s degree program we are in preparation of.

Data Science Society reaches over 600 industry experts, learners and enthusiasts and has organised a number of events with the best in the data science field.

Let us get to know you: answer a few questions in our special survey! Our team will review your application and will get in contact with you.


Still new to the field of data science, but equally passionate about the magic you can work with data?
Become a part of our team and help us set the foundations of data science collaboration between the business, educational and science organisations. We have a lot going on – from our regular meetups to a brand new online space to bring together the best global experts.


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