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The Kaufland Case – Recognize the Product

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On 22.01.2018 Amazon opened Amazon Go – their first ever physical store without cashiers and checkout lines – customers just grab the products from the shelves and go. AI algorithms detect what product you have grabbed.

Kaufland offers the unique opportunity to work with their internal data on a similar problem – developing a computer vision algorithm that detects which is the fruit or vegetable scanned.

Introduction to Deep Learning Trading in Hedge Funds

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Originally authored by Neven Pičuljan, Freelance Software Engineer at Toptal, this article also features an illustrative case study on how hedge funds can use such systems, presented through experiments. We will also consider how deep learning systems can be improved and how hedge funds can go about hiring talent to build those systems, i.e., what sort of background does deep learning talent need to have.

Launching regular meetups and update about topic selection

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Data Science Society have decided to launch one new initiative and postpone the topic selection campaign. Regular casual industry events are introduced, which should be organized on a weekly base. The idea is to have an opportunity for most of society members to see each other in informal way and share knowledge among them. Our […]

28.11.2017 meetup – Reveal hidden patterns in public data

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This November we spoke about NLP and Text Mining techniques used in working with open Government data in a practical way. The topic was to “Reveal hidden patterns in public data” with two great experienced speakers – Anton Gerunov and Yasen Kiprov. Anton Gerunov has served as e-governance lead for the Bulgarian government (2014-2017) and headed […]

Workshop – Probabilistic Programming for Machine Learning

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Probabilistic Programming for Machine Learning  Recently, the plethora of deep learning methods have achieved unequivocal success on various tasks, however all of them glance over a key point in order to be reliably deployed on autonomous agents – the environment of an agent is uncertain. This uncertainty is caused by stochastic processes, sensory noise and […]

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