Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Monitoring your Remote Workforce

5 Remote Employee Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid
5 Remote Employee Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid
5 Remote Employee Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid

Lately, monitoring employees has become quite popular. The advantages of employee monitoring are self-evident, but the drawbacks are less so. If you don’t use employee monitoring correctly, it can significantly negatively influence your firm. If you run a business that has employees working remotely, it’s very important to monitor their performance in order to make sure they are hitting deadlines and delivering quality work. The potential advantages of employee monitoring are many; however, if you don’t use this tool correctly, it can do more harm than good.

Here are our top five mistakes to avoid while monitoring your remote workforce.

1) Monitor only work hours

The only way a remote employee can feel truly comfortable is if they have complete control over their schedule. It can be hard for new leaders to let go of control of how work gets done, but it’s essential that you understand that if they’re not getting work done outside of work hours, it doesn’t mean they’re slacking off.

2) Get buy-in before implementing

Make sure you get buy-in from every member of your team before you start implementing employee monitoring software. If they aren’t on board with what you are doing, then it will only lead to more headaches down the road. It also helps if you let them know what you will be using it for; everyone works differently, and most people want their managers to trust them—the key is showing them that is precisely what they are doing. You may even find some hidden efficiencies along the way!

3) Don’t get blindsided by false positives

Over-monitoring can be counterproductive. If you monitor too many events, it’s easy for you to get blindsided by false positives. To help reduce these false positives, ask yourself whether what you’re looking for is truly an event of concern or if it’s a pattern that needs more examination before determining its significance. Also, look at factors like duration and frequency of time spent on applications.

4) Give plenty of warning before firing anyone

You might be tempted to fire a bad employee as soon as you realize that something is wrong. However, it’s crucial that you don’t rush into firing anyone. Anytime you fire an employee, they can file a wrongful termination suit against you. To minimize your liability and keep all things legal, give plenty of warning before firing someone. Simply document any problems with performance or conduct and provide written warnings as needed prior to firing anyone from your team.

5) Be honest with yourself about what matters most

When selecting a time-tracking solution, make sure you choose one that allows you to achieve what matters most to you. Time tracking for designers isn’t always about productivity – if a solution doesn’t enable a balance between work and home life, or offers ways of reporting that don’t speak to you personally, then it may not be right for you. Find a system that works with your needs – not against them!


If you’re thinking about implementing employee monitoring software, these are crucial mistakes you should avoid. By keeping them in mind, you can monitor your team successfully without causing negative effects that could outweigh any potential benefits. For more information on how to effectively monitor employees with software or other means, check out our guide here. Employee monitoring is a win-win situation when executed correctly—if you need help determining if it’s right for your company, feel free to take demo!

SOURCE: 5 Remote Employee Monitoring Mistakes to Avoid

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