Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages:


Here is the list of the 10 most popular programming languages in the world.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Javascript
  4. C#
  5. C and C++
  6. GoLang
  7. Swift
  8. Kotlin
  9. Ruby
  10. PHP


1) Python

Python is one of the fastest-growing general-purpose commonly used high-level programming languages today and because of its readability, it is an easy language for beginners to learn. It is a popular programming language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications.

Python Language has also been used to create popular video games, including Vegas Trike, Civilization IV, and Toontown. It is used for scientific and computational applications like Abacus and FreeCAD. and it is also by popular websites like YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you are a developer who has taken up a DevOps course in Hyderabad then he/she can use Python as it should be the first DevOps scripting language you learn.

Number of Jobs: 19,000

Average Annual Salary: $120,000


2) Java

Java is the most common and in-demand computer programming languages in use today, which is owned by Oracle corporation. This language has gotten a norm for applications that can be utilized regardless of platform because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere abilities.

Java is recognized for its compactness across platforms from mainframe data centers to cell phones. Today there are more than 3 billion gadgets running applications that were built with Java. Latest Java frameworks like Spring, Struts and Hibernate are also pretty much popular. Java programmers are effectively engaged in a variety of forums where they vet thoughts or tackle programming issues.

Number of jobs: 29,000

Average annual salary: $104,000


3) JavaScript and TypeScript

JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language which is mainly used in building interactive Web and Mobile App Development. Javascript is universally known as the language of Web-Developers. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript which adds optional static typing to the language. 

HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the core three technologies of the World-Wide-Web which is commonly called WWW. It is also used at the front end of high-end websites like  Wikipedia, Amazon, Google, YouTube and Facebook. Also, it is utilized in popular Web Framework like AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS.

Number of jobs: 24,000

Average annual salary: $118,000


4) C#

C# is considered as one of the most impressive programming languages in the Dot NET framework which is a faster and more secure variant of C. This language is created by Microsoft. It is the most appropriate for applications on Windows, Android, and iOS as it takes the assistance of the integrated development environment product, Microsoft Visual C++.

C# is utilized in the backend of a few famous sites like Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and Market Watch. 

Number of jobs: 18,000

Average annual salary: $97,000


5) C and C++

C is the oldest generally used programming language, and it is the base of other programming languages, for example,  C#, Java, and JavaScript. C++ is an upgraded version of C. Both C and C++ are widely used in programming and computer science.  Both language developers can utilize compilers for a wide variety of platforms, making applications developed in these languages generally transportable.

C and C++ are considered high-performance languages. They are mainly used in developing applications where performance is an important issue, such as client/server applications, commercial popular products such as Firefox and Adobe, and video games. Even though it is old, the applications of C++ is the reason why C++ is in this top 10 programming languages list.

Number of jobs: 9,000

Average annual salary: $97,000


6) GoLang

This language is developed by Tech Giant Google itself. Go was developed to be a readable, efficient and secure language for system-level programming. It is an open-source language that makes it simple to create secure, easy, and productive software.

While it is a moderately new language, Go has a huge standards library and broad documentation. It combines the best parts of useful and object-suited programming, just as highlights a significant arrangement of inbuilt improvement tools.

Number of jobs: 1,700

Average annual salary: $93,000


7) Swift

Swift is a general-purpose, open-source language constructed using a modern approach to deal with safety, performance, and software design. Swift was developed by Apple. Like many other latest programming languages, Swift has an exceptionally readable syntax, runs code rapidly, and can be utilized for both client-side and server-side development. 

It was created as an option for Objective-C to write applications for iOS and Mac. Profoundly impacted by Python and Ruby, Swift was intended to be beginner-friendly and enjoyable to use. 

Number of jobs: 1,800

Average annual salary: $93,000 


8) Kotlin

Kotlin, the Google-supported cross-platform language that is intended to interoperate altogether with Java and run on the JVM. It has become the most-adored programming language among Engineers, as indicated by a Stack Overflow survey. 

One of the most basic factors behind Kotlin’s expanding momentum is its smooth compatibility with the Android Studio 3. In the year 2017, Google announced Kotlin as the official language for android application development. 

Number of jobs: 1,500

Average annual salary: $93,000


9) Ruby

Go with Ruby, if you want to start with a language that is already known for being relatively simple to learn. Ruby was developed in Japan. It was intended to have a more human-friendly structure while as yet being adaptable from the viewpoint of its object-oriented architecture that supports procedural and useful programming documentation.

Ruby Engineers promote it for being a simple language to write in and also for the moderately short learning time required. These ascribe have led to a large community of Ruby developers and a growing interest in the language among beginning engineers.

Number of jobs: 1,500

Average annual salary: $90,000


10) PHP

PHP is generally utilized for server-side web development when a website regularly demands data from a server. As a more established language, PHP benefits from an enormous ecosystem of users who have delivered frameworks, libraries, and automation tools to make the programming language simpler to use. Additionally PHP code is simple to debug.


Number of jobs: 7,000

Average annual salary: $81,000


This concludes the list of top 10 programming languages which you should learn in 2020. 


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    As I understand it, in order to understand all this you need to be an IT specialist, because only they know the programming language and they decide which language to write this or that program, you can use Python or Javascript, these are the most popular programming languages as far as I know. An interesting article I read for general development.

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    It is interesting how to explain to the developer what kind of software needs to be done for a person who is completely unfamiliar with programming. I think it will be very difficult. And it is even more difficult to check how well the work is done. Now this is a big problem for me, because I urgently need to make business software, but I don’t want to make a mistake in choosing a programmer.

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    there are so many programming languages ​​that you don’t know which one to use, the one I always recommend is JavaScript, which you can complement with Node.js, being able to develop great wonders, by the way, if someone needs good Node.js developers, they can count on them
    who really do amazing things in Node.js are a perfect team for people who don’t have development knowledge and want to develop something quite complex

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    From the list of programming languages, I like Javascript, PHP and GoLang best. But Javascript is the one I like the most. I think it’s a very interesting language to write programs in and it’s not that hard to learn.

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