Finding Relationships between Pensions, Health Status and Education in Bulgaria

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Abstract¶This document tries to find any meaningful relationships between the level of education, the health status and the financial status of a sample of a survey of pensioner in Bulgaria. The data is provided by the World bank. One way, two way ANOVA as well as kruskal–wallis statistical non parametric test have been used. In [1]: […]

Stochastic Processes and Applications

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This notebook is a basic introduction into Stochastic Processes. It is meant for the general reader that is not very math savvy, like the course participants in the Math Concepts for Developers in SoftUni.
There is a basic definition. Some examples of the most popular types of processes like Random Walk, Brownian Motion or Weiner Process, Poisson Process and Markov chains have been given. Their basic characteristics and examples for some possible applications are stated. For all the examples there are simulations in Python, some are visualized.
The following packages have been used: