DSS 2020 Review

This is a short review of the thing we were up to in 2020. This is an year of epidemics and economic crisis, this has caught the whole wolds including us unprepared by definition a black swan event.


The organization is now entirely a volunteer group, all of our members are doing things to improve the organization in their free time. The reader is invited to join and help us 🙂 . We have a few core people that stick for all of our activities. There is a large pool of associate members who are qualified experts in different fields. They sometimes join particular events organized by us as helpers as well as attendees. If you are interested please contacts us to provide you with more information.

Datathon 2020

Our main event in 2020 was the Datathon. We decided to proceed even though there could not been any physical location, so the entire thing was done online. Companies and organizations provided us with data as well as formulate a case using the data to create useful information out of the data. We decided to proceed even though there could not have been any physical location.

The winners of the Datathon are:

1st place – training vouchers and 2000 USD –>  Team BV

2nd place – training vouchers and 1200 USD –> The team with no members

3d place – training vouchers and 800 USD  –> ShopUp

4th place – training vouchers –> Datadogs

Special award – training voucher – #Army_of_Ones_and_Zeroes

Audience Award and 5th place – training vouchers, host meetup – #ACES

We are Developers Partnership

Data science society was presented twice this year during the WeAreDev mobility days:

Data Science Conference Belgrade

  •         Over 14 Keynotes, 100 high-quality talks and over 25 Tech Tutorials on the topics like  of #DataScience, #AI & #ML, Decision Intelligence, Building #Data & AI Products, #Quantum ML, etc.
  •         DSS gave 3 free tickets for the conference

QuBit Conference

QuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event with vision of connecting the East and West. Based on the success in Prague and CEE region in combination with the Southern hunger for highly relevant and educational conference, the organizers decided to expand further and bring QuBit also to SEE region. “We believe in the safer world created by cooperation among regions and countries. We endeavor to play a transparent game with the clean shield, we are willing to share the bright ideas and support the enlargement of community with this mission as well.”

October 28-30 was dedicated to a full-day Hands-on Trainings led by professionals from the cybersecurity environment. The delegates got the chance to gain practical experience from Nikolay Bunev (Senior Cloud Consultant at HeleCloud) and Lukas Hlavicka (Director of Digital Forensic & Incident Response Department).

On October 28 was hold the first online workshop on Incident Response led by Lukas Hlavicka. This workshop introduced you to identification of indicators of advanced cyber attack, readiness to incident response, case study (Cyber ​​Attack on a Financial Institution) and preparedness to cyber ​​attack. On October 29-30 was held AWS Security Hub Workshop led by Nikolay Bunev. This  workshop on data security in AWS introduced you to the fundamentals, relationships, necessary principles and overall context for securely managing resources in the cloud.

Social Networks.

We continued to post news, information about events, blogs memes (the most liked posts :)) in social networks (FB, Linkedin) Everyone is free to write to us to share other information.


People continued to post important and newsworthy articles at our website 🙂 . We invite you to share your post on our website, we will share your articles. Read more on how to post.




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