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Monthly Challenge – Sofia Air – Team Yagoda – Solution

Banana team: Heeey guys & girls :),
I like that your article is brief, have straight line in it’s structure and in the first sight you can understand every step that you take when you had worked on this phase. I’m into it that you don’t follow exactly the same steps like in the instruction article, because in this way you put your own vision how construction of the analysis should going.
Another thing that I’m really really love that your code is simple and easy to read and every reader can figured out what happening no matter if he is Master of code (and the Force is with him) or very beginner at writing Padawan 😀
However I have several questions:
On one hand, why you didn’t check for N/As ( I think that I did’t see some sort of check) and got rid of them and on the other (I’m sorry that I’m so curious, but there is no hope for me) why you gave up so easily on stations that have observations only in 2017.
Work hard and don’t forget to have fun ^.^
P.S. (I promise that’s the last thing) It will be good if there are pictures of the plots & out-puts for some more clarity.