How Is Your Data Safety Linked to Your Marketing Strategy

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The continued use of the internet and mobile devices has forced marketers to evolve with changing consumer preferences. In today’s digital world, customers demand seamless experiences across multiple channels and devices, while marketers demand the same from their teams.

This dynamic environment has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to stay abreast of all the technological shifts that impact their data protection. However, marketing executives cannot afford to be complacent or out of touch with consumer preferences.

Big Data & Marketing: Value, Problems, and Solutions

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The amount of consumer data that’s readily available nowadays is enormous. Turning this into large-scale analytics, or big data as it has become known, has endless business benefits. Our expert in the field, author Alex Lysak, believes it’s time for entrepreneurs to learn how to implement it into their business models. Improper use or focus in the wrong areas can lead to significant problems with big data analytics.