Datathon 2020 Solutions

Predicting Weather Disruption of Public Transport


1. Business Understanding

As part of datathon 2020, our case is tasked to build a predictive model to public transport services. The model can detect when the machine plan for less disruption in the wake of severe weather conditions and leverage the emergency management plan as well as providing uninterrupted services and products to citizens.

Predictive model is a strategy to reduce cost of:

  1. The rate at with disruption occurs


in this datathon, we have access to a datasets of weather condition in Dubia and Public Transport in Dubia for the period 2 months to two years

The tools that we consider for this purpose are Python and Excel, which are popular languages for statistical and data analysis. Given that our team has mixed proficiency in both languages, we conduct our analysis in a mix of both. The models that we consider for this purpose at the preliminary stage are >>>>>>> models.



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