The Winning AI Algorithms that Participants from 50 Countries Used to Detect News Propaganda

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The first global datathon to fight the propaganda in the news finished last night. Hack the News Datathon was co-organized by the Data Science Society and the Qatar Computing Research Institute, HBKU, which were further supported by A Data Pro, who took care of the data annotation. More than 300 data science enthusiasts, experts, and […]

Datathon Article Template

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Your case-study  should follow the logic of the CRISP-DM Methodology (see also here). It is expected that for the *Deployment* part you would only propose some ideas, or visualizations.* You should aim at writing it so that it is understood as a stand alone text. So include anything vital for understanding the case and understanding your […]

20.10 – Open seminar “Spectral theory of generalized Laguerre semigroups.” at IMI – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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The day 20/10/2010 was the first to be officially announced by the UN and UNESCO as the world day of statistics. It was then decided that the role of statistics will be celebrated worldwide quinquennially. For the forthcoming 20/10/2015 the department of probability and statistics at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI)  at the […]

How to Build a Natural Language Processing App

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The article will walk you through the example process of building a news relevance analyzer. Imagine you have a stock portfolio, and you would like an app to automatically crawl through popular news websites and identify articles that are relevant to your portfolio. For example, if your stock portfolio includes companies like Microsoft, BlackStone, and Luxottica, you would want to see articles that mention these three companies.

Genetic Algorithms: Search and Optimization by Natural Selection

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Over the past few years, there has been a terrific buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI). Major companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are actively working on the topic. In fact, AI is an umbrella that covers lots of goals, approaches, tools, and applications. Genetic Algorithms (GA) is just one of the tools for intelligent searching through many possible solutions. GA is powerful and broadly applicable for complex problems. Genetic algorithms are efficient algorithms whose solution is approximately optimal. The well-known applications include scheduling, transportation, routing, group technologies, layout design, neural network training, and many others.