Meetup topic – “Computer Vision – a distinct field or a broad set of disciplines?”

Speaker: Georgi Botev

Time: Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 19:00
Place: FMI Sofia, Hall 02

Resume: Georgi will guide us through topics like computer and human vision, neural networks, artificial intelligence and the human brain and why computer vision might be the “missing” link. He will present some personal insights into the connections between these topics and how big data fits in the whole picture, hoping that by the end of the talk everyone will have an answer to the following question: Are there “computer vision scientists” or are the experts in this field more of a “jack-of-all-trades”?

After the presentation we will head to the nearby pizza place Toronto for networking and beer.

Seating is limited to attend this event you need to register and take your FREE ticket here:

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